Submitting a Paper

Robert Boyle Publishing is not a conventional publishing house. We only publish scientific material other journals are unlikely to publish, but that we think should be published.

We have a philosophical approach similar to Robert Boyle. We demand descriptions of experiments, observations, and analysis, in sufficient detail to allow others to verify them. This might mean lodging a complete copy of the data with us, so that we can make it available for download.

We are well aware of how peer review can be abused by both authors and reviewers. We solicit reviews only when necessary, and we expect reviewers to justify their comments. We regard reviews as advice that we can heed or reject, because ultimately it is the wider audience that determines the merit of a paper.

If your paper or report is difficult to publish, is original, and is based on clearly-specified experiment, observations, or analysis, consider submitting it to us for publication.

We don’t offer free advice on journals that might accept your paper. We don’t publish summaries of a field unless it shows novel insights. Nor do we publish descriptions of revisions to datasets.