How the Atmosphere Works

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An introduction to the atmosphere, the gases within it, the processes by which the atmosphere warms and cools, and the modelling of key aspects of it.

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Title: How the Atmosphere Works: An introduction for people interested in climate change
Author(s): John McLean (PhD)
Pages: 104 in total
Date: April 2021


The author of this book says, “This is the book that I would have liked to have read about 15 years ago when I started investigating claims about man-made warming”. Like all good introductory books this one explains the atmosphere, one concept at a time, before drawing the parts together to explain how the atmosphere warms, and most importantly, how it cools. In particular it discusses how greenhouse gases operate and the influence they have on the temperature of the atmosphere.

It starts with a “standard atmosphere” that’s derived from numerous observations but moves to the multiple ways in which the atmosphere, its components and processes vary, including changes to the concentration of greenhouse gases.  To finish, it discusses a radiation-based model of the atmosphere whose output is remarkably similar to satellite-based observations, before going on to show what the model predicts for increases in key greenhouse gases.



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